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Methods of Use for Car Air Compressor

Air compressor for the car precautions and methods of use : First, there are two kinds of access to the car tire air pump, the first is to directly use the car's battery access, very simple. The second is to use a cigarette lighter to turn on the power. The power of the cigarette lighter is suitable for small displacement vehicles, while the large vehicles are suitable for batteries. However, tire air pumps on the market are common and easy to maintain.

Air compressor for the car precautions and methods of use : second, some people are very clear about the use of air compressor for the car, how to use it. The first is to tighten the air compressor for the car to the tire's valve, it must be clockwise. Then insert the 12v cigarette into the car cigarette lighter. Then start the work according to the switch position, and then press the off position after the specified pressure of the tire. It should be noted that the time should be mastered when inflating, not too much time is better than fifteen minutes, then turn the air pump nozzle in the opposite direction. Come down and pull out the cigarette.

The precautions and methods of use of the air compressor for the car are to re-use the wires, rubber hoses and the like. After using the air compressor for the car, many people piled up rubber hoses and wires and other things everywhere, which could not be found when needed. Moreover, when placed in a high temperature place, the rubber hose will be melted, and the sharp object will also break the hose, causing the air to leak.

In today's car is our most important means of transportation, and it is also indispensable in our lives, just like our "shoes". For the car, the tire is a very important part. If you don't pay attention to the tire leakage or damage, it will be very unsafe to drive on the road. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the car with a air compressor for the car, so that the car tire can solve the problem well when there is no gas.

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