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Explain The Jump Start Knowledge

What is a jump start? The jump start is a multifunctional portable car mobile power source developed by car lovers and business people who drive. Its special function is to start the car when the car is deficient or other reasons can not start the car. At the same time, the combination of the air pump and the emergency power supply, outdoor lighting and other functions is one of the essential products for outdoor travel.

The jump start design concept is simple and easy to operate, easy to carry, and can also be used as an emergency tool to deal with various emergencies. At present, there are two types of emergency power supply for automobiles in the market, one is lead-acid battery and the other is lithium polymer battery.

Lead-acid battery type jump start is more traditional, using a maintenance-free lead-acid battery, the quality and volume are large, the corresponding battery capacity, starting current, etc. will be relatively large. These products are generally equipped with an air pump, as well as overcurrent, overload, overcharge and reverse indication protection, which can charge various electronic products, and some products also have functions such as inverters.

The lithium-based polymer battery jump start is relatively new, with small size, light weight, and easy to grasp. These products are generally not equipped with an air pump, have an overcharge shutdown function, and the lighting function is more powerful, and can also support various types of electronic products. The lighting of such products generally has the function of flashing or SOS remote LED rescue signal light, which is more practical.

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