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The Jump Start To Rescue The Car From The Flames

The colder the weather recently, the colder weather, and the accident will be plagued by various dilemmas. Driving in a cold weather, the car suddenly burst into flames. The jump start expert introduced that in the winter, the car encountered a low temperature and could not start the situation frequently, mainly because the battery has a weak discharge capacity at low temperature, and the engine is difficult to start due to low temperature, which causes the vehicle to fail to start. In this case, you need a multi-function jump start to rescue the car from the flames.

The jump start, no fear of cold, firewood, steam double start, built-in cigarette lighter, one button to start. The product can be stored at 80°C-85°C for a long time. Even at minus 10 degrees Celsius, it can successfully fire the car. Powerful and durable, it can continuously start the car for 30 times. Secondly, the large displacement gasoline car can be recharged. 3000 times, away from the troubles of the trailer.

When you are out of the game, the phone suddenly has no power, the field is in urgent need of help, and lost. The compact and convenient, easy-to-carry jump start can satisfy your tablet/mobile/digital camera charging, and help you solve the lonely journey. The built-in function of inflation, compass, warning light, etc., is safe and escort and practical, and belongs to the necessary products for car owners to travel with the car.

It is worth mentioning that Linsheng jump start safety factor is full. The product has built-in microcomputer intelligent system protection circuit, five protections such as over-discharge, reverse charging, short-circuit, reverse connection and over-current to prevent accidents. If the car is parked for too long and the battery is used excessively, you can prepare a car emergency starter in advance to ensure safe and easy travel in winter.

As an excellent jump start manufacturer, linsheng has its own laboratory and the most advanced testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality. Welcome to linsheng to purchase jump start.


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