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What Kind of Car Jump Start Is Safe

The car jump start is a multi-functional vehicle accessory that has emerged in recent years and has achieved brilliant achievements in just a few years. Because of its practicability, the car jump start is deeply loved by the majority of riders. The current provided by the key moments often becomes an opportunity for the car owners to survive. This also enables the car jump start to quickly occupy each of big market in just a few years .

However, with the hot market of jump start, many manufacturers have successively invested in this market, which has made the market more complicated. There are more and more fake and inferior products that do not meet the safety requirements. Many jump starts are simple in construction. I can't imagine that the safety risks of the majority of riders will increase exponentially. At the moment of starting, the car will generate a strong current ranging from 200 to 400 A. The magnitude of the current generated according to the model and displacement is not the same. Therefore, not all models of the car are suitable for the purchase. Also pay attention to the choice of power adapter models, then what kind of car jump start is safe?

The car jump start generally has a certain protection device to protect the output current, which can effectively protect the short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection and reverse charging protection, and greatly reduce the use of automobile emergency. The risk of starting the power supply. Therefore, when we distinguish the safety of the jump start of the car, we must first look at the safety technology that is not up to standard. We can see if the car has emergency switching power supply with polarity reverse connection protection, output short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current protection. A number of global patent security protection designs have been designed to determine that their security technologies are not up to standard.


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