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Four Tips When Purchasing a Air Compressor for the Car

Air compressors for the car are often used as emergency Inflatable equipment for vehicle owners. They provide great convenience to car owners when air pressure is insufficient. But how do we choose to face the various automotive air compressor for the car on the market?

1. The accessories of air compressor for the car are complete

One of the tricks in choosing a air compressor for the car is to check if its accessories are complete. Because the high-quality air pump equipment on the market today, in addition to the main pump part, it also supports many other spare parts, these spare parts can help everyone better carry out emergency inflated operations.

2. Select according to models

At present, air compressor for the car on the market are mainly divided into horizontal bars and double bar air pumps. The horizontal bar air pump is small and portable, suitable for home cars, but due to the horizontal bar inflation, it will lead to lack of air pressure, to some of the larger cars will appear powerless; parallel bars inflator compared to the horizontal bar, a good make up This lack of pressure applies to all types of large commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, and private cars, but the parallel bars will be slightly more expensive and will increase in size.

3. Select according to inflation speed

Different air compressor for the car with different powers will have different inflation speeds. Inflated pumps with higher powers will inflate faster, while those with lower powers will have slower inflation speeds. Therefore, we have to choose according to the size of the car's tire in the selection of air compressors for the car, under normal circumstances tire width greater than 225cm should use high-power air compressor for the car.

4. Choose according to function

When selecting a air compressor for the car, it should try to choose a more comprehensive air compressor for the car, such as whether the device is equipped with emergency lighting, which is very suitable for owners at night. And emergency lighting can also be used as a warning light to kill two birds with one stone.

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