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Buy an Air Compressor for the Car to Ensure Traffic Safety

According to relevant statistics, puncture, drunk driving, speeding and driving violations are the four major causes of traffic accidents. They are recognized as road killers, and tire punctures are an important factor in the existence of traffic safety hazards. In general, the tire pressure of a car will be reduced by 5%-10% for a month. The tire pressure is often monitored and inflated in time so that the car can maintain normal tire pressure and safety. Therefore, the air compressor for the car is very important, it can maintain normal tire pressure, thereby extending the service life of tires, driving safety.

Air compressor for the car uses metal movement, low power consumption, fast charging, stable operation, low noise, built-in pressure gauge for oil-free cylinder design, high-quality power cord and rubber pump for air pump, powerful pump power, quick air pumping, and other air pumping products Faster and stronger, cars, jeep, off-road, SUV, business, van, etc. can all be used.

Air compressor for the car Instructions:

1. Take out the cigarette plug and insert it directly into the car cigarette lighter. Start the car and turn on the air compressor for the car switch. After the start, insert the air nozzle on the top of the air hose directly into the tire valve and hear it. When the air leaks from the tire, it means that the air has circulated. The air nozzle can be tightened and the air can be inflated. At this time, the air will no longer leak out.

2. When inflated, the instrument indicator with the tire saturation rises, when the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (general car tire tire pressure is 2.0KG/CM-2.6KG/CM), remove the plug and gas nozzle, that is to complete the work.

The multi-purpose air compressor for the car can provide 250PSI pressure inflation and measurement tire pressure. It is very convenient to use, and it is exquisite in quality and workmanship. It conforms to international standards. When the highway or field vehicle tire suddenly leaks, it can give full play to the function of first aid. And do not take up space, a timely preparation, placed in the trunk, magical use; can make the car tires to maintain normal tire pressure at any time, save vehicle fuel, to ensure traffic safety.

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